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Dr. Ahsan Sarwar Rana

Throughout my life, I have been many things.

I was, and still am, and I will always be a student. I guess without learning new things, a person stops to grow… I hate being stagnant. I have a doctorate in Electrical Engineering.

I am a researcher and writer and have published several journal articles in well-reputed journals. The list can be found in my google scholar profile (Dr. Ahsan Sarwar Rana). My areas of research and publications are given at the end.

I am a teacher, and currently, I am serving as an Assistant Professor at Air University where I teach undergraduate, and graduate courses. The courses I have taught are also given at the end.

Dr. Ahsan Sarwar Rana



Through my writing, I would love to create an awareness among people about latest science and technology, especially from topics of optics, photonics, renewable energy. From these trends we can derive technology that is environment-friendly so that we can help nature as well.

My research area and research articles

Antenna and Microwave Engineering
Light scattering through complex materials i.e., Metamaterials and Metasurfaces
Optics, Optical materials, Optical filtering and Spin isolation, Holography
Renewable Energy, Solar Energy Harvestation, Photovoltaics, Nanophotonics, and Nanophotonic devices

  1. Broadband solar absorption by chromium metasurface for highly efficient solar thermophotovoltaic systems
  2. The Dawn of Metadevices: From Contemporary Designs to Exotic Applications
  3. Nanostructured chromium-based broadband absorbers and emitters to realize thermally stable solar thermophotovoltaic systems
  4. Exploiting zirconium nitride for an efficient heat-resistant absorber and emitter pair for solar thermophotovoltaic systems
  5. Chiroptical Metasurfaces: Principles, Classification, and Applications
  6. Revisiting tantalum based nanostructures for efficient harvesting of solar radiation in STPV systems
  7. Breaking planar symmetries by a single layered metasurface for realizing unique on-chip chiroptical effects
  8. Planar Achiral Metasurfaces-Induced Anomalous Chiroptical Effect of Optical Spin Isolation
  9. Engineering the absorption spectra of thin film multilayer absorbers for enhanced color purity in CMY color filters
  10. Highly efficient generation of Bessel beams with polarization insensitive metasurfaces
  11. Thermally robust ring-shaped chromium perfect absorber of visible light
  12. Tungsten-based ultrathin absorber for visible regime
  13. String level optimisation on grid-tied solar PV systems to reduce partial shading loss

Courses I have taught

Optical Simulation Methods
Advanced optics
Electricity and Magnetism
Semiconductor Devices
Microwave Theory and Techniques
Antenna and Wave Propagation
Probability and Statistics

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