What is VANTA black? The term VANTA is an acronym derived from the Vertically Aligned Nano-Tube Array or in short VANTA. Usually, the nanotubes in this design are made up of carbon. Since the colors we observe are usually the corresponding wavelengths of the solar spectrum in the visible domain

Solar tower The solar thermal energy heating and cooling systems, discussed in a previous post, operate at low temperatures. Therefore, they are only suitable to power and provide cooling at a low scale. The high-temperature mechanism to collect solar energy for power generation can utilize solar sterling dishes (a type

Solar thermal Energy Collection The two major solar energy extraction mechanisms are the photovoltaic effect (which converts solar energy to electrical energy through solar cells, discussed previously in the Renewable Energy section) and solar thermal energy collection. The energy extraction through the solar thermal collector utilizes the heat energy in

Metamaterial/ Metasurface absorbers In the previous post about classical perfect light absorbers, we discussed the thin film based absorbers in the shape of Salisbury screen absorbers and Jaumann absorbers. Now, these thin film based absorbers, especially the Salisbury screen, can be titled as an early demonstration of metasurface absorbers as

Environmental degradation through Depletion of natural resources The depletion of natural resources is the process by which the natural resources found on earth, such as coal, oil, water, wood, are reduced due to their excessive utilization. This utilization of non-renewable natural resources causes environmental degradation. Environmental degradation is a secondary

Payback period calculator Instructions on using the payback period calculator The payback period of the solar (PV) system calculator can be used for any currency. Just make sure that all the inputs which require the costs or the prices should all be entered in the same currency. The calculator uses

Absorbers An absorber is a device that partially or completely absorbs the incoming light or an EM wave for which it is designed. Absorption is one of the three phenomena that can happen to light as it hits the object. When light falls on an object, depending on the complex

Parametric Sweep tool The simulation tools used to simulate 3D nanostructures (or metamaterials/metasurfaces) usually come with a built-in operation of parametric sweep (or simply sweep ). A parametric sweep, as evident by its name, sweeps a particular parameter or a set of parameters to evaluate the results. A parametric sweep

PV system design calculator with battery backup Instructions on using the calculator The PV system design calculator calculates the output power requirements, number of panels, number of batteries, and all the rest of the outputs dynamically. There are various loads listed on the calculator whose number can be increased to

Wavelength (nm), Frequency (THz), and Energy (eV) calculator The following calculator calculates the wavelength in nm to the frequency in THz, the wavelength to energy in eV, frequency in THz to wavelength in nm, frequency in THz to energy in eV, energy in eV to wavelength in nm, and energy