Chirality is the object’s inability to be superimposed on its mirror image and therefore, chiral objects are not superimposable on their mirror image. On the other hand, achiral objects are those objects that “are” superimposable on their mirror images. These concepts of chiral and achiral objects can be better understood

Invisibility cloaking or cloaking devices refer to a piece of garment or a device that can render a human being utterly invisible to the naked eye. Although invisibility cloaks seem like a concept of science fiction, they are now a reality. These cloaks can now be built by employing carefully

What is an Antenna? In order to understand metamaterial antenna, we first need to understand “what is an antenna?” An antenna is a device that radiates the signals in the form of electromagnetic (EM) energy in space. The traditional antennas are smaller in dimensions in comparison to their operational wavelength

What is geothermal energy? Geothermal energy (GTE) is the energy present on Earth’s crust due to the heat energy inside the Earth. The terms “Geo” and “thermal” mean Earth and heat respectively, making geothermal meaning “heat from Earth” as a whole. The geothermal energy is renewable energy since this energy

What is a solar tracker? A solar tracker is a device that aligns the solar energy harvesting devices perpendicularly to the sun. These solar energy harvesting devices can be anything that extracts solar energy, but we will only discuss the solar panels and how solar tracker systems work for them.

The Gauss’s law is the extension of Faraday’s experiment as described in the previous section. Gauss’s Law Gauss provided a mathematical description of Faraday’s experiment of electric flux, which stated that electric flux passing through a closed surface is equal to the charge enclosed within that surface. A +Q coulombs