This post outlines the latest trends in solar cells. As we know that with the passage of time, the world is moving towards solar energy as fossil fuels are becoming rare. Solar energy harvesting from solar cells is a very cheap way of producing electricity. Due to underlined benefits of being cheap and renewable, solar cells are advancing day by day and new technologies arise making solar cells more and more efficient. In the future, it is predicted that most of our energy will be drawn from solar energy harvesting technologies. Around 191 GW of solar energy, plants are predicted to be installed around the globe this year, which is 32.6% more than 2020, according to Bloomberg NEF.

Latest technologies in solar cells

  • Perovskite crystal coated panels
  • Insolight panel coating
  • Heterojunction technologies or Smart Wire
  • Floating solar farms
  • Building-integrated photovoltaics
  • Solar cell fabrics
Solar panel incorporating many solar cells showing traditional silicon-based solar technology
Figure 1: Solar panel incorporating many solar cells showing traditional silicon-based solar technology

Perovskite crystal coated panels

Perovskite is a very efficient solar technology in the field of solar cells that are made from different materials like calcium titanium oxide mineral. They are more effective and less expensive as compared to crystalline silicon. rather than dislodging silicon, perovskite can be utilized to improve it while the effectiveness of silicon PV cells has maximized around 22%. Also, they are lightweight and portable. With the quick development of financial turn of events and the interest for optoelectronic gadgets, natural inorganic half breed perovskites have drawn in a lot of consideration as key materials in different fields, for example, sun oriented cells, light-discharging diodes laser, and photodetectors.

Insolight panel coating

This solar technology is used to increase the efficiency of solar panels and also less expensive. Insolight diverts daylight from any course towards a variety of high-proficiency multi-intersection sunlight-based cells inside a somewhat slight and level this way sunlight is moving a few millimeters within the frame. . The resultant blend of high efficiency and simplicity of mounting empowers new viewpoints for cutthroat sun-powered power costs. The innovation is called planar optical miniature. Insolight has created a new technology that uses lenses in the glass covering, which coats the panels in order to concentrate the light and thereby produce more energy. This scheme forms a type of light concentrator.

Heterojunction technologies or Smart Wire

Heterojunction innovation applies layers of slim film silicon on the two sides of a silicon sunlight-based cell. The layers increment the light transformation The actual innovation isn’t new, yet the lapse of licenses is permitting more producers to begin creating it with expanded efficiencies. Furthermore, arrangements are relied upon to develop throughout the next few years. Crystalline silicon sun-oriented cells dependent on Hetero Junction Technology are the most encouraging possibility for serious high-efficiency silicon sun-based this technology, these three solar technologies are used

  • One wire one finger configuration
  • Two wires one finger configuration
  • Two wires one finger configuration

Solar technology of Floating solar farms

Floating solar farms are the new trend in solar technology that is used nowadays in which PV cells are fixed in the water. As their price comes down, it is set to be deployed in areas where available land is becoming scarce. The main advantage of this trend is that they are used in those areas where land price is very high are land is scarce. Since high temperature reduces solar panels conversion and also degrades the panels, the floating solar farm prevails due to the cooling effect of the surroundings, which leads to the production of 10% more energy. The cooling effect of the water allows the floating solar cells to run more efficiently than on land. These farms are made on above the lakes oceans and water reservoirs. working of solar panels is the same as the conventional solar panel. As the water cools down the solar panels, the operating and maintenance costs of solar floating farms is less compared to traditional solar installations.

Solar technology of Building-integrated photovoltaics

This is the new technology in which we use different materials to produce solar energy materials which can replace the traditional building parts of the buildings such as roofs, skylights, or facades. These materials have a dual purpose, one is the outer layer and the other is to generate electricity from these materials .they have many advantages that electricity costs, reduce pollution the materials which are used for the roof tiles, window glass, facades, and shades. Of the different types of building-integrated photovoltaics, solar glass can replace the windows which is beneficial for places with hotter climates since it can reduce the incoming sunlight thereby reducing the energy required for air conditioning. Its demand will further increase due to more urbanization.

Solar technology of Solar cell fabrics

This solar technology is not very common but in the upcoming days, this will be the most advanced one because in this technology solar cells are incorporated into the fabrics. Solar fabrics will change the face of how we interact with electronics. We might be able to charge our phones with our clothes which will have built-in solar cells. This will save us from carrying along a charger cord in this way life will become easy without any gadget to recharge or charge our power devices. These solar cells are very effective cheap and electricity are quickly produced. The solar cells for this technology are also flexible and can be stitched onto fabric.

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