The general meaning of the word “scattering” Scattering, in a general sense, relates to the change in the direction of an object in motion after it collides with another. Sometimes, the scattering also defines dispersing of objects when they encounter some obstacle. Interpretation of scattering in physics Similar to the

What is blackbody radiation? Any object that is composed of subatomic particles emits electromagnetic (EM) radiations when it is above the absolute temperature of 0o Kelvins (which corresponds to approximately -273.15o K). This emission of EM waves is termed thermal radiation and it represents the internal energy converted by the

Introduction to Electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic spectrum Waves are categorized into three main types, mechanical , electromagnetic , and matter waves. The waves that can pass through a medium are called mechanical waves. Whereas, electromagnetic waves (EM Waves), a special type of wave, do not require a medium to travel