This post outlines the latest trends in solar cells. As we know that with the passage of time, the world is moving towards solar energy as fossil fuels are becoming rare. Solar energy harvesting from solar cells is a very cheap way of producing electricity. Due to underlined benefits of

Solar thermal Energy Collection The two major solar energy extraction mechanisms are the photovoltaic effect (which converts solar energy to electrical energy through solar cells, discussed previously in the Renewable Energy section) and solar thermal energy collection. The energy extraction through the solar thermal collector utilizes the heat energy in

Operation modes of DC microgrids The major component of the DC microgrid’s operation is the grid voltage converter (GVC) , which is responsible for maintaining a constant voltage at the DC bus. There are three different operation modes of DC microgrids. These operation modes of DC microgrids are written below.

DC microgrids DC microgrids are a collection of distributed power resources that include generators and energy storage devices. DC microgrids provide an efficient way to use power from renewable energy sources to improve the environment through the production of clean energy. These microgrids are situated in close proximity to the

From solar cells to solar panels Solar panels (photovoltaic panels-PV) are a combination of multiple solar cells. Solar cells generate voltage and current and typically these values are too small for the solar cell to be employed for power generation alone. Therefore, in order to increase these values, a number