This post outlines the latest trends in solar cells. As we know that with the passage of time, the world is moving towards solar energy as fossil fuels are becoming rare. Solar energy harvesting from solar cells is a very cheap way of producing electricity. Due to underlined benefits of

What is a solar tracker? A solar tracker is a device that aligns the solar energy harvesting devices perpendicularly to the sun. These solar energy harvesting devices can be anything that extracts solar energy, but we will only discuss the solar panels and how solar tracker systems work for them.

Calculations of water pumping system design A water pumping system pumps the groundwater to the surface for its usage. The pumping system requires two major components, mentioned below. A water pump that has a motor in it for pumping purposes, and A power source to run the water pump. When

What are spray-on solar cells? The spray-on solar cells are an extension of perovskite solar cells (PSCs). In these solar cells, the active perovskite material is sprayed on a substrate that already has layers of cathode and electron transport layer (ETL). Further layers needed in the complete design of the

Perovskite solar cells A perovskite solar cell is a solar energy harvesting cell, just like other technologies of the solar cells. However, as its name suggests, perovskite solar cells have an active perovskite material whose structure of crystal resembles the crystal structure of calcium titanium oxide (CaTiO3 ). All perovskite

What are Bypass diodes in solar panels? The bypass diodes were discussed briefly in the design of the solar panel, but their complete functionality was left for later. Bypass diodes are actually employed in solar panels to reduce the adverse effects of shading. Bypass diodes are high-power diodes (to withstand