Design of a metasurface lens The design of any metasurface requires the optimization of unit elements, which can be done through sweeps and specialized algorithms designed for a specific problem, which are sometimes present in commercial software (most of the times algorithms are written by the user). The optimization of

Lens A lens is a fundamental element of optics that transmits the light (electromagnetic waves in the visible domain) and focuses/disperses the light. The convex lens focuses the light to form an image, whereas a concave lens is used to disperse the light. The lens is usually made from lossless

Parametric Sweep tool The simulation tools used to simulate 3D nanostructures (or metamaterials/metasurfaces) usually come with a built-in operation of parametric sweep (or simply sweep ). A parametric sweep, as evident by its name, sweeps a particular parameter or a set of parameters to evaluate the results. A parametric sweep