Color filters A color filter is any object that reflects or transmits light in a way that some color is observed. The color filters, as the name suggests, filters some parts of the electromagnetic spectrum of the sun (or Blackbody radiation spectrum). This wavelength spectrum is then sent to the

Design of a metasurface lens The design of any metasurface requires the optimization of unit elements, which can be done through sweeps and specialized algorithms designed for a specific problem, which are sometimes present in commercial software (most of the times algorithms are written by the user). The optimization of

Lens A lens is a fundamental element of optics that transmits the light (electromagnetic waves in the visible domain) and focuses/disperses the light. The convex lens focuses the light to form an image, whereas a concave lens is used to disperse the light. The lens is usually made from lossless

Absorbers An absorber is a device that partially or completely absorbs the incoming light or an EM wave for which it is designed. Absorption is one of the three phenomena that can happen to light as it hits the object. When light falls on an object, depending on the complex