You may have noticed cables installed in the offices or homes that are providing internet access. These cables also do have a familiar name, optical fibers. In this post, we will gain knowledge on what are these optical fibers? What is their design? And for which purposes are they used?

Inroduction to refractive index calculator The refractive index describes the change in speed of light as it enters from air into the material under observation. Therefore, the refractive index is a material property and everything we see around in our daily lives is composed of different materials. All of the

Chirality is the object’s inability to be superimposed on its mirror image and therefore, chiral objects are not superimposable on their mirror image. On the other hand, achiral objects are those objects that “are” superimposable on their mirror images. These concepts of chiral and achiral objects can be better understood

Color filters A color filter is any object that reflects or transmits light in a way that some color is observed. The color filters, as the name suggests, filters some parts of the electromagnetic spectrum of the sun (or Blackbody radiation spectrum). This wavelength spectrum is then sent to the

Design of a metasurface lens The design of any metasurface requires the optimization of unit elements, which can be done through sweeps and specialized algorithms designed for a specific problem, which are sometimes present in commercial software (most of the times algorithms are written by the user). The optimization of

Thin film interference Thin films (sometimes referred to as multilayer coatings) are layers of naturally occurring materials that are deposited in such a fashion that their thickness is small, in comparison to the wavelength of Electromagnetic (EM) waves they manipulate. Thin film interference can be used to calculate the behavior

Refractive index Have you ever wondered why light bends when it enters from air into water? Well, this phenomenon happens due to the property called refractive index (sometimes referred to as an index of refraction, complex refractive index, and optical constant of a material). Simply defined, the refractive index of